What Will It Cost To Produce A Video?

When you are talking to various video production companies you will be quoted different prices based on the scope of the project. When you are describing your video project to the production company be prepared to give them as many details as you can so they can get you an accurate quote. Leaving out important details can end up running the cost up even more and sending you over budget. When receiving your quote it will most likely have these basic line items attached: Day rate for video taping, editing, equipment charges and outside expenses. Other items could be: producer, writer, director, 3d animation and voice over talent. Pricing can also be estimated by the finish minute.

When getting a video production quote, this really becomes a consult process. The company will need to be made aware of all the details that are involved in making the video so they can provide you with an accurate quote. Once the video project is defined then the production company can give you an exact quote. When the price has been agreed upon by both parties you are ready to move on to planning out the production process.

I would recommend getting at least 3 quotes and not basing your final decision on just price alone. You should make sure that each quote is an apple to apple match. If the price is not broken down ask for a revised estimate with a line item break down. By doing this it will make it easier to do your comparison between different companies and hopefully make the right decision. You can find many companies in your area by using the search engines. Enter something likeĀ San Diego Video Productioninto Google, Yahoo, and Bing to discover potential companies.

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