What are the Advantages of DVD Replication and DVD Duplication?

Copying CDs and DVDs over the last decade has become much more affordable due to the advances in today’s technology. DVD duplication is a very cost effective and efficient way to produce small quantities of DVD’s. If you are looking to make less than 500 DVD copies then duplication is your best choice. The duplication process also has a faster turn around time if you are on a tight deadline, usually 2-3 working days. Some people will choose the duplication process when producing more than 500 discs so they can meet there deadline even though the unit cost per DVD is a little more than replication. Paying a little more for each disc is still cheaper than having to pay a rush fee for the DVD replication process. When duplicating your DVD’s you also have the choice of putting them on a gloss coat DVD that will give it a shiny finish. Some people prefer the gloss finish to give it more of a more retail ready look. Your packaging options are usually the same as replication so you should have no problem getting what is required for your project.

The DVD replication process does take a different approach to making your DVD copies. You will submit your DVD master to a replication company that is set up to make hundreds of thousands of copies each day. Once you submit your DVD master the company will first send it out to have a glass master created. The glass master will now store the information that is stamped into each disc that is replicated. Once the disc has had the information stamped into it will have a protected gloss coat sprayed on the bottom of the disc to protect the disc from being damaged or scratched. Then it will be printed on which is usually done by silk screen or offset printing. From there it will go off to packaging and shrink wrapping. DVD replication is a great process if you plan on ordering 500 or more disc at a time. The cost really starts to come down on orders of 1000 disc or more. The standard turnaround time is 10 working days, so it is not a fast turnaround like the duplication process. Some companies will have a rush fee to turn it around quicker but that can get very costly.

Once you choose whether you need duplication or replication for your project you’ll need to find a reputable company to complete your order. If you want to use a local company Yelp is a good place to start. You could also try using a search engine. Try entering something like DVD Duplication Las Vegasor Phoenix DVD Duplication. If using a local company isn’t a concern, simply omit the city in your search.

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