Tips For Creating Your Business Print Media

Creating good business printing forms, brochures, flyers, letterhead and business cards should project the image of your business. You can not expect all your print media to be able to tell the whole story about your company, but it should convey a professional image of your company people will remember. This can be achieved by using the proper textured paper, colors and well written content that explains your business.

If the business printing you will be doing is for a company that markets to children’s games and books then you would want to consider using bright primary colors along with the proper fonts to display your message. If you are printing for a business that needs to convey a professional look such as a lawyer or real estate agent then you will want your print media to display reliability and professionalism which means staying with traditional colors like black text printing on a white or gray background.

One method that can help in your design decisions is to take a look at other materials you have received in the past. Choose the ones that appeal to your liking and put them aside. When it comes down to creating your own design refer back to them as a reference. Here are a few suggestions to consider when designing your business printing media.

1) Make sure your logo stands out.
2) Do not try to put to much information on your printed media
3) The font you choose should be easy to read
4) When designing any print work, make sure you have your contact information can be easily found – website address, email, phone number, company name and fax number.
5) Stick to 2 to 3 colors

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