How To Safely Clean Then Digitize Your Precious Photos

When getting ready to bring out those old photos to clean them it is best to handle them wearing a pair of gloves to protect the photos. Many of your photos will contain dirt and dust from being stored over the years. If you photos are not handled properly the debris and dirt can cause damage to your photos and scratch them in the process. The best way to clean your photos is by using a soft brush and lightly brushing each photo. You do not want to push hard on the brush while cleaning the photos or this will scratch them. It is important to keep your brush clean so you can shake the brush to remove the dust or blow it off with a can of compressed air after every few photos.

You never want to use a liquid cleaner to clean your photos. If your photos are damaged, stained, torn, or discolored then you will want to look for a company that does photo restoration.(link this key word also) When you come across a photo that has been glued to a piece of paper or cardboard surface, you will want to try and separate them by using a thin object to slide between them. Sometime a 3×5 note card works well and will not damage the photo. Most of the time the glue has deteriorated over time and the photo should separate easily. If you have a hard time trying to separate the photo then you will want to leave it attached. After your photos are cleaned it is now time to get them scanned to a digital format. You can attempt this on your own by using a photo scanner or there are many companies that offer this service. If you go with a professional service most companies will scan your photos, do color correction, fade restoration, dust and scratch removal. Need help finding a photo scanning company? Try searching for Photo Scanning + City, such as Photo Scanning San Diego.

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