Converting Video Tapes To DVD

Transferring your old home videos to DVD is the best way to preserve and enhance your memories for the next generation. The process of transferring your old tapes to DVD is easy and affordable.

There are several options to transfer your video tapes to DVD, and if the transfer process is done correctly the DVD’s can look better than your original tapes.

Listed below are a few methods I would recommend considering when doing you video to DVD transfer. If you don’t want to do the transfer yourself you could always try using a professional video to dvd company. Many exist, just try searching for video to dvd or video transfer. If you want to use a local company, be sure to add your city. For example, Video to DVD San Diego yielded a dozen or so companies in San Diego.

The first method would be to capture your video tapes through an analog to DV converter which will encode the tapes into a DV format. This method is the most time consuming method but it gives you the chance to do edit out unwanted scenes, add titles, transitions and music. The reason it takes longer is you will need to capture the footage, edit the footage and compress everything into an MPEG 2 format to create your DVD master. This results in hours of computer time and your time.

The next method would be to use a capture card that would convert the videotape to an MPEG 2 format as the video is being played into the computer. This would be a real time capture so a 30 min. video would take 30 min. to capture into the MPEG format. This is a great way to covert your videos to DVD if you are not looking to edit them. So if you original tapes do not need editing I would use this method and it also gives you the benefit of creating a custom DVD with menus.

The last method for transferring your video tape to DVD would be to use a standalone DVD recorder. The DVD recorder works almost like your old VHS VCR did. Basically you would connect your video tape player using the audio video output jacks and connect them to the DVD recorder. Hit play on the video tape player and record on the DVD recorder. This is recorded in real time. When the recording is complete most DVD recorders will have a basic menu option where you can go in and title your segments.

Whatever method you choose to transfer your video tape to DVD, it is the best way to preserve your memories.

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