Setting Up Your Scanner To Scan Photos

If you are going to take on the project of scanning your old home photos it is not as simple as laying down your photo on the scanner and hitting scan. There are certain settings that will need to be made in order to get a quality photo scan. You will want to find these setting … [Read more…]

Can I Duplicate A Hybrid DVD?

DVD Discs

Creating a hybrid DVD allows you to have the disc offer more than one purpose. What that means is the hybrid disc can do more than just play video or just store data. You can create the DVD disc in a way that you can have the video play on a stand alone DVD player … [Read more…]

Should I Transfer My Film to DVD?

Film Camera

This is a question that comes up quite often. Your old 8mm film from the 1940’s or 50’s can stand the length of time if they were stored properly. This would mean over the past 70 to 80 years they should have been stored in a cool dry place. The one thing that can’t be … [Read more…]

Duplicating A DVD: What You Need To Know

DVD Logo

When you follow these easy steps below DVD duplication can be an easy process to complete.  If you are looking to duplicate small quantities of data or video files from your DVD, then the duplication process is the right choice. If you want your DVD copies to look and play exactly like the master then … [Read more…]