Can I Duplicate A Hybrid DVD?

Creating a hybrid DVD allows you to have the disc offer more than one purpose. What that means is the hybrid disc can do more than just play video or just store data. You can create the DVD disc in a way that you can have the video play on a stand alone DVD player or if put it into a computer drive you can access the DVD movie and data files. You can also author the disc so it can be played on a PC or a Mac. So you would have two different formats on the disc an AVI for PC’s and a Quicktime for a Mac.

If there is room on the disc depending on the size of your data files and movie files you could have all of the above programmed onto one DVD. Once your hybrid DVD master is created you are now able to make multiple copies of your hybrid DVD. A hybrid DVD will duplicate no different than any other DVD format. The information from the hybrid DVD will be input into a hard drive in the duplication tower. You are now ready to make multiple copies of your disc. Each copy will be an exact duplicate of your master DVD.

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